Philips Veradius C-Arm

Manufacturer: Philips
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Product Code: CARM52340-2722


2012 Model Veradius. SW REV 3.2.1, GENERAL PURPOSE, VASCULAR & ORTHO Packages,

27cm x 27cm Flat Detector,

Vascular 15 FPS,

26.5 x 26.5 Field of View,

12 inch Positioning Monitor,

Low Dose Flouro,

Boost Flouro,

15KW Generator,

X-Ray Collimation,

12 Bit Digital Flouro Imaging System,

Body Smart,

Video Invert,

Mobile View Station,

20K Image Store on Disk Upgrade,

Dual 18 inch High Brightness Monitors,

DICOM Print and Store,

Medical DVD Recorder,

Vascular Extenion,

Peak Opacification,


Re Mask,

Smart Mask,


Real Time Pixel Shift,


CO2 Subtracted Flouro,

CO2 Trace Mode,

CO2 Roadmap.