Medtronic O-Arm 3D Imaging System


Manufacturer: Medtronic
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2015 Model. Medtronic O-Arm 3D Imaging System With S7 Synergy Spine

2D/3D Acquisition

Synergy Spine S7 Software Package  

360 Scanning

Optimized with Standard and Lower Dose Settings

Programmable Image Acquisition Memory

2K x 1.5K Digital Flat Panel Detector

32kW Generator

Laser Alignment Kit

Automated Multi Plane Imaging


12:1 X-Ray Grid w/ Carbon Cover for improved Contrast

O-Arm Collimated Axial 3D

O-Arm ISO-WAG Rotation

O-Arm Advanced Viewing – Oblique and Maximum Intensity Projection views

O-Arm High Definition 3D – HD3D – 26 Second Scan time and 26 seconds to reconstruct and project onto viewing station.  192 Slices at 0.830 mm in Axial Plane, 192 Slices at 0.415mm in Coronal and Sagittal Planes

O-Arm System Navigation Interface

Stealthstation S7 Staff Cart

CDRW/DVD Combo Drive

USB Image Transfer


Stealthstation S7 Monitor Cart

24”  Touchscreen Monitor Display

One Handed Docking and Undocking Mechanism.

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