MedicVision SafeCT-29 (XR-29 Compliance Upgrade)


Manufacturer: MedicVision
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Product Code: CTSCAN84574-3523


The only FDA 510(K)-cleared 3rd-Party solution to help achieve NEMA XR-29 Compliance on older CT Scanners of all brands. 

Full Compliance with XR-29 Dose Check and Dose Report functions. 

Radiation Structured Dose Reports (RDSRs) are generated, saved, and sent to PACS or other DICOM destinations. 

Reliability and availability. SafeCT-29 tracks, logs and saves all actions. Enterprise solution ensures no loss of data. 

First-class service. With over 150 sites using MedicVision’s SafeCT, Medic Vision has earned a reputation for providing top-level products and services. 

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