Hologic Dimensions 3D Mammography with TOMO


Manufacturer: Hologic
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2016 system with 2019 Detector

Breast Tomosynthesis 

•Version SW

•Licenses: C-View, Diagnostic, Master, System, Tomo.

Acquisition Workstation
CPU:  Multi-Core Intel Based CPU

Memory:  16 GB RAM

Hard Drive: 1.0 TB (min)

Storage Media:  DVD +/- R/W

Image Display Technology:  3 Megapixel Grayscale Medical Grade LCD Display

User Interface Display: 1.2 Megapixel Touchscreen Color LCD Display

DICOM Services: Worklist, Print, Storage, Storage Commitment, Query/Retrieve, Modality Performed Procedure Step

IHE Profiles:  Scheduled Workflow, Patient Information Reconciliation, Mammography Image

User Interface:  Keyboard, trackball, touchpad, biometrics scanner, bar code scanner

Local Image Store Capacity:  Approximately 9,000 screening mammography studies; or 3,000 combined screening mammography and tomosynthesis studies

Ergonomic Enhancements: Touchscreen user interface (no-lift advantage),

biometrics user login, automated barcode reader,

articulated image display


Exposure Modes

Manual: Operator selects all parameters

Auto-Time:  System selects mAs, operator selects fi lter and kV

Auto-kV:  System selects kV and mAs, operator selects fi lter

Auto-Filter: System selects fi lter, kV and mAs

Integrated Radiation Shield

Digital Image Receptor

TFT-based direct capture technology

X-ray Absorption Material:  Amorphous selenium

Image Receptor Size:  Single plate 24 cm x 29 cm

Imaging Modes: Conventional mammography; tomosynthesis; combined conventional mammography and tomosynthesis

Screening Views:  18 cm x 24 cm nominal (2560 x 3328) at center, left and right detector locations; 24 cm x 29 cm (3328 x 4096) at center location

Diagnostic Views:  18 cm x 24 cm nominal at center, left and right detector locations

Magnification Views: 18 cm x 24 cm nominal at center detector location

Pixel Size: 0.070 mm

Limiting Spatial Resolution: 7.1 lp/mm, conventional mammography; 3.5 lp/mm, tomosynthesis4

Dynamic Range:  Linear response over 400:1 in x-ray exposure

Output Image: 14 bit image data

Saturation: X-ray exposure level at which image pixels are saturated is not less than 500 mR

Anti-scatter Grid:  HTC™ High Transmission Cellular Grid with auto-retract for geometric

magnification views and tomosynthesis