GE Signa Voyager XT 1.5

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2016 Model. SIGNA Voyager XT 1.5T, Wide Bore MRI with TDI technology, High-Performance Gradient UHE Digital MR with TDI & DST, iROC, Comfort Plus patient table with IntelliTouch TDI coil technology, TDI Neuro Suite, TDI Anterior Array. New technology platform, for the first time equipped with TDI (Total Digital Imaging), Compact, patient-friendly magnet with 70 cm patient opening, "Zero boil off" technology and excellent homogeneity in one, Volume of 50 x 50 x 48 cm, UHE (Ultra High Efficiency) high performance gradients with 36 mT / m amplitude, 150 T / m / s slew rate, TDI with direct digitization DDI (Direct Digital Imaging) in 65 channels, DST (Digital Surround Technology) combines the signals of the integrated ones

Body coil with those of the surface coils for more homogeneous images with higher signal-to-noise ratio, Double-sided operation on the magnet, Comfort Plus patient table, quiet and easy to use with electric drive horizontally and vertically, as well as IntelliTouch, Patient adaptive coil concept with automatic activation of the Coil elements according to the selected measuring field.

Consisting of the following components, TDI head / neck array posterior with two different anterior ones, Coil arrays with up to 29 coil elements in the FOV, Comfort Tilt for comfortable storage with adjustable angulation of the head / neck array in five positions, Lightweight, anatomically shaped TDI Anterior Array with 16 coil elements, TDI Posterior Array: Array with 32 coil elements integrated into the Comfort Plus patient table, 113 cm coverage in S / I direction and ultra-fast Switching using the new DMS (Digital Micro Switch) technology, Comprehensive software package for the entire diagnostics with neuro-Angio, cardio, body and spectroscopy package, as well as comprehensive post-processing algorithms

Cardio package, Cardio Plus Package, Cine IR: Determination of the optimal inversion time for delayed enhancement examinations, 2D PS MDE: Identification of scarred infarct areas by visualization of hyperintense areas in the myocardium approx. 15 to 20 minutes after administration of contrast medium. • MDE Plus: Detection of the entire heart in just one breath stop, Black Blood SSFSE: Fast representation of the morphology, StarMap: T2 * Imaging in the heart, liver and other organs to quantify iron content. particularly robust contrasts by using the phase information, Application package for advanced cardio imaging consisting of 3D HEART: 3D visualization of the coronary arteries and arteries as well as the ventricles without contrast medium and free breathing, FGRE Time Course: perfusion examination of the heart, Cardiac Tagging: visualization of cardiac contraction by application of satiety.

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