Esaote G-Scan Tilting and Extremity MRI

Manufacturer: Esaote
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Product Code: MRI80483-1986


2010 Model. Excellent condition, low-usage system. 0.25T Permanent Magnet. Open MRI for Spine, Musculoskeletal and Extremity Usage, as well as unique Tilting Magnet with Weight-Bearing MRI function.  Pulse Sequences include: SE, GE, IR, STIR, TSE, 3D CE, GE-STIR, 3D GE, ME, TME, HSE. Imaging Modes include: Single, Multislice, Volume Study, Fast Scan, Multi-slab, Cine. Coils Include: Dual Phased-Array Shoulder Coil, Dual Phased-Array Knee Coil, Dual Phased-Array Hand/Wrist Coil, Ankle Coil, Flex Coil, Shoulder Coil, Cervical Spine Coil, Lumbar Spine Coil, TMJ Coil. Current Software Release 2.1B. Available Now.