Esaote E-Scan Extremity MRI

Manufacturer: Esaote
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Product Code: MRI70425-1709


2007 Extremity MRI with Optional Pavilion Shielding. 0.2T System for Knees, Wrists, Shoulders, Hands, Feet, Elbow.  Level: 9.0, Patient Table, COIL PACKAGE: Solenoidal Coil for Shoulder, Knee DPA Coil, Wrist DPA Coil, Foot & Ankle Coil, Shoulder DPA Coil, Flex Coil Kit. SOFTWARE PACKAGES: Spin Echo T1, Spin Echo Half Echo, Spin Echo Half Fourier, Spin Echo T2, Multi-Echo, Turbo Spin Echo T2, Turbo Multi Echo, Gradient Echo, Inversion Recovery, STIR-Spin Echo, GE-STIR, 3D Gradient Echo, 3D DE (Contrast Enhanced). RF Shielding Pavilion Available Separately.

Esaote E-Scan Extremity MRI | Integrity Medical


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