Aspen XDR Straight Arm X-Ray


Manufacturer: Aspen
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The Aspen XDR Straight Arm X-Ray has the smallest footprint of any straight arm system: Less than 7 feet

tall, the system comfortably fits into rooms with 8’ ceilings

•System dimensions: 51 (W) x 80 (H) x 41 (D)

•Counter-balanced unit that can be smoothly positioned

•Chin guard for enhanced patient comfort

•Supports a 17x17 flat panel detector that doesn’t need to be

removed for any position, reducing the risk of handling a portable

wireless detector

•LED touch screen displaying SID and Degrees

•Fast motorized SID adjustment: 40” to 72”

•Easy manual tube rotation +/- 90

•Detector rotation +/- 45


A wide range of movement, making nearly any examination possible

     A. Detector tilting: +/- 45 °

     B. Arm rotation: -30° - 120°

     C. Tube rotation: +/- 90°

An optional portable patient table offered with our AspenXDR

system.  Portable patient table adds more positions, and with a 520 lb

weight capacity, it is one of the most robust portable tables offered in the


•Straight Arm Power Requirement:

No need to worry about additional power to operate the Aspen XDR, as the system plugs directly into a

residential power outlet


•Durable powder coated finish that will withstand beyond the life cycle of any equipment any medical cleaning products

•Powered by an ultra high frequency CPI CMP200DR

(32-80 kW), manufactured in Canada, with an installation base of over 60,000 x-ray generators worldwide

•X-ray tube:

Canon Electron Tubes and Devices (140 kHu – 600 kHu), manufactured in Japan, is one of the largest medical x-ray tube manufacturers globally



 Mobile Table: 

•Smooth, flat top table that can be used for cross-table lateral and recumbent positioning

•Lightweight, mobile patient table that is rated for 520 lb

•Individual locking casters

Energy Assist X-ray Generator:

•Stored-Energy x-ray generator for clients that have less than optimal power at their building

•Single Phase 15Amp 100-240 VAC +/- 10%

•Advanced Capacitive Discharge operation to maximize energy usage and extend mAs techniques

•Power Factor Correction for fast and efficient recharging of energy storage capacitors