Fuji Aspire Cristalle Mammography 3D with iCAD


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ASPIRE Cristalle with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) brings together Fujifilm's extensive research, expertise, and experience to offer a new, advanced digital mammography system that optimizes patient comfort, image quality and dose across all breast types. Radiologists using ASPIRE Cristalle with DBT will realize valuable, enhanced clinical efficacy compared to using full‐field digital mammography (FFDM) alone

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis functionality; offering superior diagnostic accuracy across all breast types, improved recall rates for cancer cases, and reduced recall rates for non‐cancer cases.

• BTO Enabled‐ This configuration enables output of tomosynthesis slices in DICOM Breast
Tomosynthesis Image Object form.
• 180° motorized gantry with auto compression and release
• Amorphous Selenium (aSe) detector with Hexagonal Close Pattern (HCP) pixel array and 50‐
micron image resolution
• Low dose tube uses a Tungsten target with Rhodium filter

• AEC for dose management across a spectrum of breast types, including those with implants

• Faceguard
• 24x30cm High‐edge Compression Paddle

• 24x30cm Comfort Paddle. Designed to maximize patient comfort by providing even,
adaptive compression for each exam
• 18x24cm Comfort Paddle. Designed to maximize patient comfort by providing even, adaptive compression for each exam

• 18x30cm Small Breast Compression Paddle. Equipped with AutoAlign of the image area to the top of the detector as required

• Two (2) footswitch pedals, controller unit and generator
 •Stand anchor, fuse set, x‐ray power radiation cable
• One Shot Phantom QC Kit

AWS acquisition workstation includes:

• Operation desk with lead glass x‐ray protection shield and two keyboard shelves
• PC (Microsoft Windows 10), keyboard and mouse
• Two (2) 3MP high‐resolution monitors
• Adjustable monitor arm to support a custom workspace layout
• Dynamic Visualization IITM advanced image processing presents images with optimal clarity
• Retake Analysis reporting, including the reason for image rejection coding, reason for reject and other performance analyses, as per MQSA QC program
• Selectable 1, 2 and 4‐up image display to see the entire screening exam at a glance
• Electronic markers and menus
• Technologist editing tools including automatic and manual Shutters (black borders) and movable annotation markers
• Adjustments including exam reprocessing, sensitivity, latitude, density and contrast
• Free Text Annotation with commenting text annotation marker capability
• Image Magnification for enhanced full‐screen, magnification and zoom image display tools
• Basic security features include user restriction and are customizable by technologist log in/out.
• QA Region of Interest (ROI) measurement calculates mean pixel values and standard deviation for physicist testing
• QA ruler measurement tool
• QC test software automates the required weekly testing, saving technologists hours in time
• Precise Enlargement software for display and magnification of images
• DICOM Worklist software for connectivity to RIS
• DICOM Storage software (Standard, Private, MG for Presentation or for Processing) for connectivity to PACS
• Operation manual, reference guides and training materials