Manufacturer: Hologic
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2018 Hologic Horizon WI Bone Densitometer

Manufactured JAN 2018

With Wholebody, Body Composition, Visceral Fat, FRAX, IVA.

Software-APEX System Software version

MXApro for IVA and IVA HD

ISCD Compliant Reporting

Tri-Color Fracture Risk Report

Automatic Scan Comparison for Serial Exams

Least Significant Change Configuration

Horizon Advance Reporting Solutions

QDR OnePage™ Report with Rate of Change Assessment

New Dual Hip™ Report

New integrated Physicians Report Writer™ DX Feature

Horizon Scan and Analysis Protocols

Automatic PASS/FAIL Quality Control

Single Energy Scan Display Capability

Window/Level Control for Image Optimization

Apex Productivity Tools

Express Exam™ Workflow Management

OneTime™ Auto Analysis with Histogram

ProTech with DXApro

Reposition/Rescan Feature

Automatic Scan Comparison for Serial Exams

AP Lumbar Spine with Automatic Low Density Analysis and Scoliosis Analysis

Proximal Femur, Automatic Low Density Analysis and Hip

Structure Analysis™ (HSA) Feature