Hurricane Laura Threatens Coastal Lousiana and Texas -- Medical Facilities on Alert

Integrity Medical Systems, Inc., sends its concerns, hopes, and prayers to coastal Lousiana and Texas today and tonight, as #hurricanelaura strengthens into a Category 4 storm. We have many past and present customers in this area, and it pains us to think of their clinics and hospitals at risk. We are here for you.

Integrity Medical announces free diagnostic telephone service for imaging equipment during COVID-19

Having problems with your c-arm, bone densitometer, x-ray room, or mammography machine? Before you have a service technician into your facility, call us. We will talk to you about error messages, blurry images, or any scanning problems you're having -- and we'll do it for free. In an initial diagnostic telephone service call, Integrity Medical can limit your facility's exposure during COVID-19, save you time and money, and often solve your problems without the expense of an in-person visit. If you need a technician on-site, or even a virtual visit via remote access, our priority will be getting your diagnostic imaging equipment working -- fast, safe, and affordable

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Integrity Medical Named Top 10 Again

Refurbished market forecast to hit $12 billion by 2021

September 21, 2016

by Thomas Dworetzky , Contributing Reporter DotMed Business News

Medical imaging equipment dominates the global refurbished market in 2016, as “most health care facilities in developing countries cannot afford new equipment due to their high installation and maintenance costs,” the report found. 

Marketsandmarkets predicted the biggest growth area in the next five years would be in the cardiovascular and cardiology equipment sector due to the widespread challenges of dealing with heart-related and other cardiac ailments worldwide. 

At present, the report found that North America is number one in the global refurbished medical equipment market, with Europe number two. But the Asia-Pacific region is looking to have the largest CAGR from 2016 to 2021. India is expected to have the highest growth rate in that region during those years. 

The biggest players in the refurbished market, according to the new analysis are: GE Healthcare (U.S.), Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Netherlands), Siemens AG (Germany), Block Imaging International Inc., (U.S.), Soma Technology Inc. (U.S.), DRE Medical Inc. (U.S.), Agito Medical A/S (Denmark), Everx Pvt Ltd. (Australia), Integrity Medical Systems Inc. (U.S.), and Radiology Oncology Systems Inc. (U.S.)

Integrity Medical Listed As One of Top Ten Companies In Refurbished Equipment Market

Titled "Global Sales in Refurbished Medical Equipment Set to Grow Through 2019," this article, published February 10, 2015, puts a positive spin on our market.

The article further points out the "key players" based on research conducted by ReportsnReports (Dallas, TX, USA).

To read the whole article, click here:

2014: Sales Picking Up as Third-Quarter Winds Down

It looks like the Third Quarter of 2014 will end up on a high note here at Integrity Medical Systems, Inc.

We see positive signs that Fourth-Quarter will start with a bang and keep up the pace until the end of the year.

2013 Second-Quarter Report

Great year for us so far at Integrity Medical. Three turn-key, multi-modality imaging center projects completed, and two more on the drawing board.

In addition, we've placed more than a few high-end C-Arms, Digital Mammography systems, and Digital X-ray suites this year.

MRI and PET/CT sales have also been pretty strong, as we've completed two stand-alone projects for these modalities, and have a couple of others we hope to place shortly.

Please call us if we can help with your project!

2011: Looks To Be On The Up-Tick

The new year is upon us, and 2011-- our 22nd year-- looks like it will bring some improvement to the economy and our industry.  

Look for some exciting developments soon.

C-Arms, MRI's, and PET

These look to be the top modalities for the year, with sales in all three areas topping the list.

Please give us a call for more information.

2007 is a Year for C-Arm Sales

It looks like 2007 will be 'The Year of the C-Arm'-- as Integrity Medical increases it's capacity and expertise in the areas of Pain Management, Orthopedic, Surgical and Vascular applications.  

Call for more details and a complete list of systems available!