Who We Are

Worldwide Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Since 1989

While You Take Care of Your Patients, We Take Care of Your Bottom Line…. and we’ve been doing it for over a quarter of a century now. We provide high quality new, used, and refurbished medical imaging equipment, at prices that make sense in today’s challenging healthcare industry.

Since Integrity Medical Systems, Inc., was founded in Brooklyn, NY, in 1989, thousands of companies from over 90 countries have called us for help buying, selling, and repairing medical equipment.

We sell to and service hospitals, clinics, private practices, universities, and scientific research facilities. When you call us for a consultation or a quote, we know the most up-to-date market prices and availability.

What makes Integrity Medical a longtime industry leader?

Anything less than our best is not good enough.  We put 110% effort into each and every machine, part, and service we offer, because we want you to be satisfied.

Companies come and go, but since 1989 no other company can boast a better track record for excellence and reliability than Integrity Medical.

At Integrity Medical, we employ a staff of full-time engineers and technicians, something that is very rare in our industry. Brokers are o.k. to do business with--until you have a technical problem. Take it from people that have been there: Don't take chances with companies that can't show you a full service technical facility. Our Florida location has 10,000 square feet of refurbishing, crating and testing areas.

Improving global healthcare is our business. We have a dedicated staff of sales consultants that understand the logistics involved in exporting, and the subtle nuances of how you do business. No one can match our perfect international shipping record.

We know the market, we do the volume and we buy direct--therefore, if our prices aren't the lowest you need to ask why. The answer may be contained in items 1 through 4 above. Integrity Medical provides a high level of assurance. Get it. It works! Just ask our customers!

Our Customers

This is why our customers say they choose Integrity Medical:

  • Warranties Offered 80%

  • Best Value 95%

  • Cheapest Equipment 40%

  • Technical Support 70%

  • Personalized Service 90%

  • Parts Support 55%

What We’ve Done

We’ve been here since 1989, and we’ve been busy ….

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