GE/ONI MSK Extreme 1.5T Extremity MRI

Manufacturer: ONI
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Product Code: MRI85973-2011


2009 Model. Ver: 3.53

A Revolution in Extremity Imaging

The ONI MSK Extreme® 1.5T is a high-field, open MR system delivering the most powerful gradients commercially available. This enabling technology produces high-quality images of cartilage and soft tissue of the extremities, fast scan times, and robust pulse sequences.


The system utilizes a unique spectrometer, proprietary software, six transmit/receive RF coils (80mm, 100mm, 123mm, 145mm, 160mm, 180mm) and sweet spot imaging which provide excellent SNR and exquisite image quality.


The ONI MSK Extreme® 1.5T can offer patients a comfortable, non-claustrophobic experience due to the open, quiet design.


From image quality to patient comfort the ONI MSK Extreme® 1.5T delivers. It is a powerful solution to perform premium musculoskeletal imaging.