A fully equipped Orthopedic imaging facility requires MRI, X-Ray, C-Arms, and Ultrasound. 

GE/ONI MSK Extreme 1.5T Extremity MRI
Excellent Extremity MRI which fits in a small spec and has excellent image quality. We install and service these systems throughout the USA.
GE/OEC 9900 12" Elite C-Arm
The GE 9900 C-Arm with a 12-Inch Image Intensifier is an excellent choice for Orthopedics. With its larger field of view (12-Inches vs. 9-Inches) this system is particularly suited for imaging large joints, and more area of the spine. In addition, the image quality and ergonomics of the 9900 are pretty much cutting-edge, giving those practicing orthopedics a "best of breed," late-model system for all their important procedures.
OrthoScan Mobile DI Mini C-Arm
This ultra-compact, digital detector Mini C-Arm is a best-buy for its portability and image quality. Image quality is crisp and crystal clear. Offers easy movement between exam rooms. If space is a concern, the OrthoScan Mobile DI Mini C-Arm should be at the top of a smart buyer's shopping list.